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A special thanks goes to everyone's favorite Photos/HTML expert, Bob Bull (Bobal), who originally posted this helpful tip.

How To Copy/Paste a Webpage to your Auction

To display an existing webpage or HTML document in an auction you need to do this:

  • Copy and paste the source code (the HTML) of the webpage directly into the description box.
  • Copy only the code between the <BODY> and </BODY> tags.
  • Keep in mind that you are adding HTML code to an existing webpage that has all the required tags (and many more besides), so some of your code may clash or be ineffective in an auction page.
  • Any and all URLs linking to images or any other resources, such as music or other webpages, must be the full and complete URL (an absolute URL) beginning with HTTP://.
  • Avoid using the ALIGN attribute inside of the TABLE tag as it will realign any other tables on the page.
  • You can use the ALIGN attribute inside of a data cell, ie: <TD ALIGN=CENTER>.
  • It's not necessary to use quotation marks in your HTML code unless you are typing strings with spaces (such as a font name).
  • If you need to use quotes, such as for an ALT tag or the name of a font with spaces in it, make sure you use the beginning quote and the end quote or things will have a tendency to "disappear".

Thanks To Milleneum For This Information

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