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Welcome to my Zoicks.Com Stitching Images Help Page

A special thanks goes to everyone's favorite Photos/HTML expert, Bob Bull (Bobal), who originally posted this helpful tip.

Have you ever wondered how people 'Stitch' two or more images together to make one picture? Well, help is here and it is a very simple process. Instructions are included below for both Irfanview and MS Paint.

How To Stitch Images using Irfanview

  • Open Irfanview --> go to Image Menu --> Create Panorama image
  • From the Create Panorama image pop-up box --> select your choice:
  • Horizontal - add images at the right side of previous ones
  • Vertical - add images below previous ones
  • Click the 'Add Images' button
  • Select your 1st image file from the Open pop-up box
  • Continue to add images until you have opened all that you want to include in your stitched image
  • You can reposition the order of the images by clicking on the image to highlight it in the 'Input images:' block, then select the 'Move up' or 'Move down' button to reposition
  • Click the 'Create Image' button to complete the process
  • You can then resize the final stitched image to fit properly on your web page from the 'Image' menu
  • Don't forget to save your masterpiece from the 'File' menu
  • Have fun!

How To Stitch Images using MS Paint

  • Using Windows --> go to Start --> Program Files --> Accessories --> Paint
  • To create a shortcut to Paint on your desktop, right click on the Paint icon --> select "send to desktop as a shortcut"
  • When you first open Paint, the white screen doesn't cover the whole page.
  • Move your mouse to the lower right hand corner of the white screen
  • You will see your pointer turn to a diagonal two headed arrow.
  • Click on that and while holding it down, drag it to the right and down.
  • This will cause the white screen to enlarge.
  • If your Paint program does not fill your screen, click on the middle box in the upper right hand corner of your screen (maximize the window).
  • For stitching, it is best to if your images are as close to the same pixel size as possible.
  • If you are going to stitch side by side, 300 pixels wide would be a good size to work with.
  • If you are going to stack them, 600 pixels wide should work as the maximum size.
  • Your images can be stored any where in your computer or on a disk.
  • Now click on EDIT --> Paste From
  • From the drop down window, make sure that the 'Files Of Type' is set to 'All Files'.
  • Then find the location where your images are stored.
  • Double Click on the image you want to open.
  • It will now be on your paint screen with a broken line around it.
  • Just click anywhere on the white screen and the line will disappear.
  • Follow the same procedure again for your 2nd image --> click on EDIT --> Paste From
  • Then double click on the image that you want to stitch to the first image.
  • Now the second image will be on your Paint screen covering up the first image.
  • Just place your cursor in the middle of the image, hold the mouse button down and drag the image to the desired location.
  • Release the mouse button and you are almost done.
  • Go to File --> SAVE AS and be sure to change the file name before saving it and you are done.
  • This seems a little daunting the first time through, but once you have your Paint program set up, it is fast and easy
  • Have fun!

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