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A special thanks goes to everyone's favorite Photos/HTML expert, Bob Bull (Bobal), who originally posted this helpful tip.

To Resize, Crop, Convert pictures to JPG or GIF (and more) use this FREE image editor - Irvanfiew

Irfanview is a great image editor and it is very easy to use. There are lots of wonderful tutorials and help sites written that support Irfanview. I have included a few links here.

You can get the free Irfanview download here:
c/net download.com

For specific instructions on cropping/resizing your images, check out this Irfanview tutorial from NK Tower:

And here are instructions for two of the most frequently asked Irfanview how-to's:

Quick/dirty directions for adding text to pics with Irfanview:

  • Open the image in Irfanview.
  • With your cursor, draw a box where you want text to appear on the image.
  • Under Edit menu, select 'Add Text'
  • To add text to image box that appears:
  • Type your text in the box
  • Click the Choose Font button and select options desired:
    Font, style, size, strikeout, underline and font color are the options.
  • Click the OK button to return to the Add text box.
  • Ensure the 'Text is transparent' block is checked.
  • Click the OK button to add the text to your image.
  • If you don't like the results and want to try again, click 'Undo' and start over.

Quick/dirty directions for doing a batch rename:

  • From the File Menu:
  • Select Batch Conversion/Rename
  • Batch conversion pop-up:
  • Where it says Look in:
  • Select 3 1/2" Floppy (A:)
  • Either select individual files you want to convert or click the Add all button to the left of the files window
  • Under Output format:
  • Ensure JPG-JPEG Files is selected
  • Under Work as:
  • Ensure Batch rename radio button is selected
  • Under Output directory:
  • Click the Browse button and find the directory on your hard drive where you want to save your renamed images, such as C:\My Pictures\
  • Under Rename Options:
  • Ensure Copy input files to output directory radio button is selected
  • Change Namepattern### to desired name, such as eBayPics###
  • Under Starting index:
  • Ensure you change the number if you want to start at anything other than 1 (i.e., if you have already saved some pics as eBayPics###
  • Under Input Files:
  • Click the Start button.
  • When complete, click the Exit button

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