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A special thanks goes to everyone's favorite Photos/HTML expert, Bob Bull (Bobal), who originally posted this helpful tip.

The ANSI Character Set

The following table shows characters 128-255 of the ANSI character set.

Note: Some characters on this page may not display correctly unless you are using a Windows browser.
To use these codes without HTML, hold down your Alt key and while holding it down, enter the code number from your Key Pad by adding a 0 in front of the number.
For example, if you want to type a cent sign, you would hold down your Alt key and enter 0162 from your keypad, which will return a cent sign (¢).

128Euro Sign192ÀA grave
129unused193ÁA acute
130baseline single quote194ÂA circumflex
131ƒflorin195ÃA tilde
132baseline double quote196ÄA diaeresis
133ellipsis197ÅA ring
134dagger (single)198ÆAE ligature
135dagger (double)199ÇC cedilla
136ˆcircumflex200ÈE grave
137per mil201ÉE acute
138ŠS caron202ÊE circumflex
139left single guillemet203ËE diaeresis
140ŒOE ligature204ÌI grave
141unused205ÍI acute
142ŽZ Caron206ÎI circumflex
143unused207ÏI diaeresis
144unused208ÐIcelandic Eth
145open single quote209ÑN tilde
146close single quote210ÒO grave
147open double quote211ÓO acute
148close double quote212ÔO circumflex
149bullet (large)213ÕO tilde
150en dash214ÖO diaeresis
151em dash215×multiply symbol
152˜tilde216ØO with oblique stroke
153unregistered trademark217ÙU grave
154šs caron218ÚU acute
155right single guillemet219ÛU circumflex
156œoe ligature220ÜU diaeresis
157unused221ÝY acute
158žz Caron222ÞIcelandic Thorn
159ŸY diaeresis223ßGerman sharp s
160 non-breaking space224àa grave
161¡Spanish inverted !225áa acute
162¢cents226âa circumflex
163£pounds227ãa tilde
164¤intl. monetary symbol228äa diaeresis
165¥yen229åa ring
166¦broken bar230æae ligature
167§section symbol231çc cedilla
168¨diaeresis232èe grave
169©copyright233ée acute
170ªfeminine ordinal234êe circumflex
171«left double guillemet235ëe diaeresis
172¬not236ìi grave
173­soft hyphen237íi acute
174®registered trademark238îi circumflex
175¯macron239ïi diaeresis
176°ring (also degrees)240ðIcelandic eth
177±plus/minus241ñn tilde
178²superscript 2242òo grave
179³superscript 3243óo acute
180´acute244ôo circumflex
181µmicro symbol (or mu)245õo tilde
182pilcrow (paragraph symbol)246öo diaeresis
183·bullet (small)247÷divide symbol
184¸cedilla248øo with oblique stroke
185¹superscript 1249ùu grave
186ºmasculine ordinal250úu acute
187»right double guillemet251ûu circumflex
188¼one-fourth252üu diaeresis
189½one-half253ýy acute
190¾three-fourths254þIcelandic thorn
191¿Spanish inverted ?255ÿy diaeresis

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