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Ira Sapir Plate

This is an art glass plate or bowl made by Ira Sapir in 1981. Its main color is burgundy with a lovely abstract, flowing design in the middle of the bowl. It is signed on the back by Ira Sapir with the date of 8/81 and he has etched #363 next to the date. The bowl is almost round, 25" high by 26" wide and is displayed on one of Ira Sapir's large plexiglass plate holders that can be free standing or mounted on the wall.

I purchased this at an art auction in San Francisco in 1982 for $900. Ira Sapir has gallery exhibits and permanent installations all over the country and in Japan. His work is always increasing in value. I am only asking for the $900 I paid for this plate almost 30 years ago.

If you're interested in purchasing, please email me or call 208-968-1682. Thanks.



Beth Weber Dichroic Glass, Etched and Enameled Plate
Hippos of Naquada

This is a 15" round plate made by Beth Weber. Her signature is etched on the back of the plate. It includes a plexiglass plate stand. Its main colors are dichroic green, dichroic blue and black. Beth Weber is a native of the Northwest and resides in Sandpoint, Idaho. She is the director of the Sandpoint Violin Academy and owner/publisher of Erda Publishing Company.

Beth developed a way of kiln forming bowls and plates using cut and stack methods combined with dichroic, etching and enameling techniques. Her designs are developed on paper, templates are made, glass is cut, beveled, fired... often as many as three times for 8 to 24 hours per firing at temperatures up to 1600 degrees.

Dichroic glass is glass coated with a microscopic spray of precious metals while the glass is rapidly spinning at high temperatures in a vacuum. This technique was developed by the NASA space program for coating the surfaces of space vehicles. Which particular metals are used in the coating and the temperature and duration of firing determines the colors of the finished glass.

All of Beth's work is food and dishwasher safe, but the glass should not be placed in a microwave, in the oven or on a stove burner. Bubbles in the glassware are an inherent part of glass fusing and add to the character of each piece.

I had a hard time photographing the beautiful colors of this plate. You really have to see it to appreciate its beauty.

I am asking exactly what I paid for this beautiful piece, $450. If you're interested in purchasing, please email me or call 208-968-1682. Thanks.



Dutch Schulze Dreamscape Vase in Blue and Aqua

The Dreamscape series is Dutch Schulze's signature blown glass. This unusual Dreamscape is tall and elegant. Broad areas of opacity are festooned as a background for the gold leaf, intricate cane orbs, and Dutch's signature twisted cane. The lower portion of the vase is Sari Blue, the upper portion is greenish aqua. The vase measures 15" high., 13 1/2" wide, 12" deep. The vase is signed 'Schulze #356 '94".

Dutch built his own studio, Vitra Blown Glass, in 1991. Dutch employs a color application technique that involves the layering of different transparent colors over opaque design patterns. This produces a subtly complex color background upon which he picks up hot twisted cane and murrini. The result is the flowing 'Dreamscape' effect which makes his blown work unique and recognizable. Dutch Schulze now has his own art facility in Bandon-By-The-Sea. Their facility is called Bandon Glass Art Studio.

Schulze vases of this size normally run between $1100 - $1500. This one is priced at $750 firm..

If you're interested in purchasing, please email me or call 208-968-1682. Thanks.



Persian Style Set of Hand Blown Bowls in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow

This hand blown multipart composition is very similar in style to Dale Chihuly's Persian sets, with 5 separate hand blown pieces that fit inside a large blue lip wrapped bowl.

The outer bowl measures 16" x 13" at its widest points. The 5 pieces inside the bowl can be arranged in many different configurations, with all pieces inside the bowl or some standing freely next to it.

The green, blue, red and yellow pieces mean that this will fit in almost any decor.

I am selling this piece for my original purchase price of $200. If you love Chihuly's work but can't afford one (who can?), then this is the piece for you!

If you're interested in purchasing, please email me or call 208-968-1682. Thanks.



Blue Lip Wrapped Hand Blown Glass Vase

This hand blown vase is quite beautiful. It has the most awesome pastel colors of peaches, blues and lavenders with a gorgeous royal blue lip wrap that circles the bowl four times.

The vase measures 13" at its widest point and is a tiny bit over 9" tall. It would look lovely as a centerpiece for a dining room table or as a decorative piece on an end table or coffee table. I can't remember where this particular vase came from, but there is a stamp on the bottom of the vase (see photo)... perhaps you'll recognize it.

I am selling this piece for my original purchase price of $100. It's a quality piece for such a small price.

If you're interested in purchasing, please email me or call 208-968-1682. Thanks.



Rick Stafford Ceramic Koi Pond with Water Lilies

Rick Stafford has been working in ceramics since graduating from Central Washington State College in 1969. He earned a degree in art with a ceramic emphasis along with minors in psychology and recreation.

In 1977, Rick went to work full-time as a studio potter. During this time most of his production work was sold by Happy Things catalog based in Colorado. He worked in reduction-fired stoneware showing at galleries and crafts shows in the Pacific Northwest.

In 1993 Rick began developing his own unique ceramic process based on the Japanese “Neriage” technique of colored and marbled porcelain. Rick has formulated his own pure white porcelain body that vitrifies or melts at 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Metallic oxides are added to the clay to achieve different colors.

The different colors are then laminated into design blocks, sliced like Christmas cookies, and rolled into color sheets. These sheets are then cut into different decorative motifs and used as applique on porcelain plates. The finished product is similar to fused glass: Glossy, smooth and translucent. The pieces are food and dishwasher safe.

Rick introduced his fused ‘Neriage” porcelain at the American Craft Council San Francisco show in 1999. In 2001 Rick won a top 100 award from the ACC. Since 1999 Rick’s porcelain has been shown in galleries from coast to coast.

Rick lives on Bainbridge Island in Washington’s Puget Sound with his school teacher wife, Bonnie. When not in his studio or enjoying his four grandsons, Rick is a competitive masters swimmer, an avid fly fisherman, and fan of the Seattle Symphony.

You can see more of Rick's work on his website, Stafford Ceramics.

Rick signed this piece on the back for me. I originally paid $250 for this huge plate which measures 18 1/2" wide by 18 1/4" tall. It includes the acrylic stand you see in the photos.

I am selling this piece for my original purchase price, which is quite fair since Rick's pieces have continued to go up in value.

If you're interested in purchasing, please email me or call 208-968-1682. Thanks.

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