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Abbreviations and Acronyms
A Good Source to Help Demystify eBay Listings
1st First Edition MYS Mystery (books/movies)
ABM Automatic Bottle Machine
(bottles prior to 1910)
NAP Not Affected Play (records)
ACC Accumulation (Stamps) NARU Not a Registered User
ACL Applied Color Label (bottles) NASB Nancy Ann Story Book
ADV Adventure (Books / Movies) NBW Never Been Worn (clothing)
AG About Good (coins) NC No Cover
AIR Air Mail (Stamps) ND NoDate
No Dog (RCA record labels)
ANTH Anthology (books) NDSR No Dents Scratches or Rust (tins)
AO All Original NIB New in Box
ARC Advance Reader's Copy - usually a paperback edition of a book put out before the trade edition for publicity NIP New In Package
AU About Uncirculated (coins) NL Number Line (books) - a means of telling the edition; occurs on copyright page and reads "1234567890"; lowest number indicates the edition
AUTO Autographed NM Near Mint
BA Bronze Age NORES No Reserve
BB BB Sized Hole Drilled Through
Record Label
Beanie Baby
NOS New Old Stock
BBC Bottom of Back Cover NP NoDate
Not Packaged
BC Back Cover
Blister Card
NPB Non Paying Buyer
BCE Book Club Edition N/R No Reserve
BIM Blown in Mold (bottles prior to 1910) NR No Reserve
BIN Buy it Now NRFB Never Removed From Box
BIO Biography NRFSB Never Removed From Sealed Box
BJ Ball Jointed Body (dolls) NRMNT Near Mint
BK Bent Knee (dolls) NW Never Worn (clothing)
BKL Booklet (Stamps) NWOT New Without Tags
BLB Big Little Book NWT New With Tags
BLK Block (stamps) O New Orleans Mint (coins)
BOMC Book of the Month Club Edition OB Original Box
BP Blister Pack
Booklet Pane (Stamps)
O/C On Canvas (paintings)
BTAS Batman the Animated Series OC Off Center
Off Cut
On Canvas
BU Brilliant Uncirculated (coins) OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
BW Black and White
(photos, illustrations, drawings)
OF Original Finish
C Cartridge Only (video game)
Cover (Stamps)
OJ Occupied Japan
C & S Creamer & Sugar
Cup & Saucer
OOAK One of A Kind
CART Cartridge (video game) OOP Out of Package
Out of Print
Out of Production
CB Cartridge (video game - no instructions)
Club Book (Stamps)
OP Out of Print
CC Carbon Copy
Cut Corner (books, magazines, records)
Commemorative Cover (Stamps)
Credit Card
OS Operating System (computers)
CCA Comics Code Authority OST Original Soundtrack
CCG Collectable Card Game P Poor Condition
Philadelphia Mint (coins)
CDF Customs Declaration Form (Stamps) PB Paperback or Paperbound (books)
CF Centerfold (magazines) PBO Paperback Original
CFO Center fold out (magazines) PC Poor Condtion
Post Card
Picture Postcard
CI Cartridge & Instructions
(video games, computer equipment)
PD Picture Disk (the record itself has a photo or images on it)
CIB Cartridge, instructions, box
(video games, computer equipment)
PF Proof Coin
CIBO Cartridge, instruction, box, overlay
(video games, computer equipment)
PIC Picture
CLA Cleaned, lubricated, adjusted (cameras) PINK Pink or Pinkliner. This is an eBay staff member who posts messages on Discussion Boards which have a pink header
CM Customized PL Pink or Pinkliner. This is an eBay staff member who posts messages on Discussion Boards which have a pink header
COA Certificate of Authenticity P/O Punch-Out (inventory that has been 'declassified' with a hole punch)
COL Collection PM Post Mark
Postal Markings
(applies to post cards & first day covers)
Priority Mail
CONUS Continental United Stated
(ship to destination)
POC Poor Condition
Pencil On Cover
CPN Coupon POPS Promo Only Picture Sleeve
CPP olored Picture Postcard / Post Card POTF Power of the Force (Star Wars)
CS Creamer & Sugar
Cup & Saucer
PP Parcel Post
CTB Coffee Table Book PPD Post Paid
CU Crisp Uncirculated (currency) PR Poor Condition
Proof (coins)
D Denver Mint (coins) PROOF Proof Coin
DB Divided Back (postcards) P/S Picture Sleeve (records)
DBL Double (2 in 1: paperbacks) PS Picture Sleeve (records)
Power Supply
DG Depression Glass R Reprint
DJ Dust Jacket
Disk Jockey Copy (records)
RBC Right Side of Back Cover
DOA Dead on Arrival (item in non-working order when received) RC Reader Copy (Books) - a copy of a book in good condition but with no true investment value
DUTCH Dutch Auction (multiple quantities available) RET Retired
EAPC Early American Prescut (Anchor Hocking glass c. 1960+) RETRD Retired
EAPG Early American Pattern Glass RFC Right Side of Front Cover
EC Excellent Condition RFDO Removed For Display Only
EF Extra Fine Condition
Extremely Fine (coins)
RI Reissue (records)
EG Elegant Glass (Depression era) RMA Return Merchandise Authorization Number
EP Extended Play (records, video tapes) ROM Romantic (books)
ePS eBay Picture Service RP Real Photo Post Card / Postcard
ERR Error RPPC Real Photo Post Card / Postcard
EX Excellent (condition)
RRH Remade/Repainted/Haired (dolls)
EXLIB Ex Library Book
From the library of
RS Rhinestones
Rubber Stamped on Label (records)
EXT Extended RSP Rhodium Sterling Plate
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions RT Right
FB Feedback S Small
Stereo (records)
San Francisco Mint (coins)
FC Fine Condition
Front Cover
SA Silver Age
FDC First Day Cover (stamps) SAB Seller's Assistant Basic
F/E First Edition (books) SAP Seller's Assistant Pro
FE First Edition (books) SB Soft Bound or soft back (referring to soft large bound books)
FFC First Flight Cover (Stamps) SC Slight Crease (books, hang tags, magazines)
Sawcut (slice cut off record album jacket)
FFEP Free Front End Page/Paper
(1st blank page of a book usually an extension of the part pasted down on the inside front cover.)
SCI Science (books)
FLF Federally Licensed Firearms (dealer) SCR Scratch
FN Fine Condition SCU Scuff (records)
FOR Forgery SD Shaded Dog (RCA record labels)
FPLP Fisher Price Little People SF Science Fiction
FS Factory Sealed SFBC Science Fiction Book Club (sometimes the true 1st edition)
FT Flat Top (beer cans) S/H Shipping and Handling
FVF Final Value Fee (fee based on final selling price of item) SH Shipping and Handling
G Good Condition S/H/I Shipping, Handling & Insurance
GA Golden Age SHI Shipping, Handling & Insurance
GD Good Condition SIG Signature
GF Gold Filled SLD Sealed
GGA Good Girl Art (paperback book covers) SLT Slight
GP Gold Plate
Gutter Pair (Stamps)
SLW Straight Leg Walker (dolls)
GSP Gold Sterling Plate SM Selling Manager
GTC Good 'Til Cancelled (eBay Store Listing) SMP Selling Manager Pro
GU Gently Used S/O Sold Out
GW Gently Worn (clothing) SO Sold Out
GWTW Gone With the Wind SOL Sticker on Label (records)
HB Hard Back or Hard Bound (book) S/P Salt & Pepper (shakers)
Silverplate (flatware or holloware)
HB/DJ Hardback (book) with Dust Jacket SP Salt & Pepper (shakers)
Sticker Pull (books) - discoloration or actual removal of cover color caused by pulling off a sticker price
Silverplate (flatware or holloware)
HC Hand Colored (maps/engravings)
Hard Cover (book)
SR Slight Ring Wear
Shrink Wrapped
HIC Hole in Cover S/S Still Sealed
Single Sheet (stamps)
HIL Hole in Label SS Stainless Steel
Still Sealed
Store Stamp (books) - name/address of store is stamped on endpapers or edges of books
HIST Historical (book) ST Sound Track (records, CDs)
Star Trek
HM Happy Meal (McDonald's) STCCG Star Trek Collectable Card Game
HOF Hall of Famer (baseball memorabilia/autograph/trading cards) STER Sterling
HP Hard Plastic (dolls)
Hand Painted
Hewlett Packard
STNG Star Trek the Next Generation
HS Hand Stamp (stamps) SW Slight Wear
Star Wars
Shrink Wrapped
HTF Hard to Find SWCS Star Wars Collector Series (toys)
IBC Inside Back Cover SYI Sell Your Item Listing Form
IFC Inside Front Cover TBB Teenie Beanie Babies
ILLO Illustration TC True Crime (books)
ILLUS Illustration
TE Trade Edition (books) - standard edition of a book often smaller than the first edition
INIT Initial
Initial Issue
TL TurboLister
IRAN Inspect and Repair as Necessary TM Trademark
IS Item Specifics TMOL Tape Mark on Label (records)
ISH Issue TNG The Next Generation (Star Trek)
JUVIE Juvenile Delinquency Theme TOBC Top of Back cover
L Large TOFC Top of Front Cover
LBBP Large Bean Bag Plush (Disney) TOL Tear on Label (records)
LBC Lower Back Cover TOONS Cartoon Art (paperbacks)
LCD Liquid Crystal Display TOS Tape on Spine
Terms of Service
The Original Series (Star Trek)
LE Limited Editon TOUGH Tough Guy Genre (paperbacks)
LED Light Emitting Diode TRPQ Tall, Round, Pyroglaze Quart (milk bottles)
LFC Lower Front Cover U Used (Stamps)
LFT Left UB Undivided Back (post cards)
LLBC Lower Left of Back Cover UDV Undivided Back (post cards)
LLFC Lower Left of Front Cover UID Unpaid Item Dispute
LP Little People (Fisher Price)
Long Playing Record
UIS Unpaid Item Strike
LRBC Lower Right on Back Cover ULBC Upper Left (corner) Back Cover (books, magazines)
LRFC Lower Right on Front Cover ULRC Upper Right (corner) Back Cover (books, magazines)
LSE Loose UNC Uncirculated (coins)
LSW Label Shows Wear (records) URFC Upper Right Corner of Front Cover
LTBX Letterbox (video in widescreen format) VERM Vermeil - gold plating on sterling silver, bronze, or copper
LTD Limited Edition VeRO Verified Rights Owner
LWOL Lots of Writing on Label (records) VF Very Fine Condition
M Medium
Mono (records)
VFD Vacuum Flourscent Display
MA Madame Alexander (dolls)
Mature Audience
VFU Very Fine, Used (Stamps)
MAP Map Back (paperback books) VG Very Good Condition
MC Miscut VHTF Very Hard to Find
MCU Might Clean Up V/M/D Visa/Mastercard/Discover
MEDIC Medical Genre (books) W West Point Mint/Depository (coins)
MIB Mint in Box WB White Border (post cards)
MIBP Mint in Blister Pack W/C Watercolor (paintings, maps)
MIJ Made in Japan WC Watercolor (paintings, maps)
MIMB Mint in Mint Box WD White Dog (RCA record labels)
MIMP Mint in Mint Package WIN Want It Now
MIOJ Made in Occupied Japan WLP White Label Promo
MIOP Mint in Opened Package WOB Writing on Back
MIP Mint in Package WOC Writing on Cover
MIU Made in USA WOF Writing on Front
MM Merry Miniatures (Hallmark)
Mounted Mint (stamps)
WOR Writing on Record
MMA Metropolitan Museum of Art WRP Warp (records)
MNB Mint No Box WS Widescreen (letterbox)
MNH Mint Never Hinged (stamps) WSOL Water Stain on Label (records)
MOC Mint on Card XL Extra Large
MOMA Museum of Modern Art    
MOMC Mint on Mint Card    
MONMC Mint on Near Mint Card    
MONO Monophonic (sound recordings & equipment)    
MOP Mother of Pearl    
MOTU Masters of the Universe    
MP Military Post (stamps)    
MS Miniature Sheet (Stamps)
Mint State (coins) - usually followed by a number, i.e. MS65 or MS-65
MWBMT Mint With Both Mint Tags    
MWBT Mint With Both Tags    
MWBTM Mint With Both Tags Mint    
MWMT Mint with Mint Tags    
Disclaimer... this is a list of commonly used acronyms.
There is no guarantee your seller is using the common meaning in his listings.
Please use this compilation only as a general guide.
Be sure to ask your seller his definition of any acronym in his listings if it is important in making a decision to buy or bid.

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